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Google Lens is a much loved feature of the app as it allows searching for anything and everything just by using the phone’s camera. It can be used on multiple devices like phones, laptops, and desktops. The feature is one that makes searching easy and almost eliminates typing.

Updates are the backbone of every app as they keep users interested and invested in the app. It also makes the app easier to use and more fun. Similarly, Google is updating its desktop version of Google Lens so that it does not open in another tab but appears on the same page as a side panel.

In order to search for an image, a user needs to right-click on the image to get a menu that has an option named “Find image with Google Lens”. Once this option is clicked, a side panel will open that will allow the user to use visual search on that specific image and/or one of its components. In fact, this panel is the same one that opens when you click on bookmarks or extensions in-Chrome. As for the main window which will resize according to the panel automatically once the panel is opened.

The panel that will appear will have many similarities to the full-screen version, and the image to be searched for will take up most of the panel. Options to switch between search, text, and translation will appear directly below the image. The results will come down like in the mobile version of the app and will be accessible when scrolling. If a user wants to know which website the image is from, they can use the “Find Image Source” option which will appear right above the image panel. This will direct them to the website where the image originated.

For people who preferred the previous version of the app, i.e. opening in another tab, they can use the top right corner. By clicking on this corner, the panel will open entirely in another tab. The side panel can also appear when a user uses this option with nothing specific in mind and then creates a sidebar around the thing they want to know more about.

This feature has been out for a few weeks now, but two days ago Google formalized for each type of device.

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