Google puts an end to murder rumors of its Google Stadia gaming platform


There were rumors that Google was planning to shut down its cloud gaming platform, Google Stadia, soon. It launched in 2019 and is a major player against Microsoft’s Xbox. The rumor was started by a “Killed by Google” Twitter account and created turmoil among fans. Google finally spoke up, making it clear that the gaming platform isn’t going anywhere. Also Read – Google Opens Alternative Billing Options on Play Store for Users in India

Google Stadia does not stop

‘Killed by Google’ tweeted that Google is planning to plug the plug into its Google Stadia cloud gaming platform soon. He further added that the company will notify users 30 to 60 days in advance and refund the subscription amount at no additional cost. Also read – Google Hangouts is closing: Here’s how you can delete your chat history via Google Takeout

Recently, a user on Twitter commented on Stadia’s post, saying, “*sigh* (amazing I really have to ask this), are you guys shutting down soon? 🙄” To this, Google responded by saying that this was not true. Google Stadia said on Twitter that it won’t be shutting down. In fact, the gaming platform is working on a few new games that will be rolling out on the platform soon.

After that, Google Stadia also tweeted that Stadia Pro users can play the Wavetale game for free until August 1.

The rumor mill was ignited when a post in a Stadia Facebook group announced that the platform was about to shut down. It was later revealed by a Facebook group moderator that the comment came from a user “Donny Jepp” who “has been making sarcastic posts on Stadia for months” and has been banned.


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