Google Play Store now shows the minimum Android OS version required for an app


After adding a dedicated Offers section in its interface, Google Play Store will now display the Android OS version required for installing an app. While this information was already available on the web version of the Play Store, it has recently been released for mobiles. Read on to learn more about the new listing on the Android App Store. The Google Play Store has also rolled out iOS-like install indicators for its home screen.

After a recent update, Google Play Store for mobile shows the minimum requirements of an app in terms of Android version. To view this, users need to tap on the apps list, then locate and tap on the “About this app/game” option and scroll down to the “App/game info” section. Here, the item listed as “Android OS” will show the minimum required version of Android to install and run the particular app. The information item was added to the Google Play Store with version 29.2.13.

View all app details in the “App Info” section

In addition to the Android operating system, other items are also displayed in the App/Game Info section. These include the app version, the number of downloads from the Google Play Store , app download size, in-app purchase range, app or game developer and release date. Moreover, interested users can also tap on App Permissions option to check the types and number of permissions an app would need.

Google Play Store also informs users about an app’s rating and whether or not it contains ads. However, the information may not be very useful for users because Google Play Store only displays apps that are compatible with users’ devices (the Android version installed on the device). However, the minimum version of Android supported by the application is now available on the Play Store.

More recently, the Google Play Store got the new Deals tab. The Offers tab can be found on the Google Play Store homepage. It allows users to view all current deals, offers, and discounts on apps, video games, movies, and books. Right now, there are several deals on Google Play Store deals, including deals on the game called Mortal Crusade and movies like XXX: Return of Xander Cage.


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