Google Play Games on Windows now has reduced system requirements


Google announced that the beta version of Google Play Games on Windows is available in a few additional countries starting today. The service originally launched in March in South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and now it’s expanding to everyone in Thailand and Australia as well. The service is still in beta, but Google has also made some improvements to make Play Games more accessible on Windows.

Now the app has lower system requirements, so more hardware configurations should support it. For one, you no longer need a dedicated GPU to run Google Play Games, so devices with integrated GPUs should work just fine. Google recommends at least Intel UHD Graphics 630 (or equivalent), which is an integrated GPU that’s already a few years old, so most PCs should perform well.

Google also changed the processor requirements, so instead of eight logical cores, it now requires four physical cores. This will support CPUs that only have one thread per CPU, which could include some low-end CPUs, and even some older mid-range CPUs like the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, which has six physical cores but only one thread per core (thus, only six logical cores).

Finally, Google has also reduced storage requirements, so you should be able to use Google Play Games with just 10GB of free internal storage, as opposed to the previously required 20GB.

As Google continues to work towards a full version of Google Play Games on Windows, this will ensure that many more people will be able to play these games on their PCs, in addition to their phones. Since its initial launch, Google claims to have more than doubled the catalog of Android games available on PC, with more than 50 titles now supported. These include some popular games such as Summoners War, Cookie Run: Kingdom, and Last Fortress: Underground.

If you are in one of the supported regions, you can sign up for the beta version of Google Play Games for Windows here. You can also register your interest in the future launch of the service in other markets,


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