Google Pixel users may not be able to set up older Google Home and Nest devices using Sonos


Google blames “an interruption caused by Sonos” for this

Google and Sonos have been at war for years over copyright and patent infringement. The battle came to a head in January this year when the United States International Trade Commission found Google guilty of breaching Sonos’ IP addresses without obtaining its permission. This forced the big G to cripple some features of its Nest and Cast compatible speakers to comply with the ruling. Now the company has issued another warning to Pixel users in the US and Canada that could prevent them from setting up certain Nest or Google Home-branded devices.

In a post on the Google Nest Community, says a community manager “due to an outage caused by Sonos”, a limited number of Pixel phone users in the US and Canada may not be able to set up new devices. They note that when setting up a device that hasn’t been connected to Wi-Fi for a long time (or ever), users may encounter a “Device needs to be activated before setup” message in the app. Google Home.


Google does not clearly specify the affected devices. Still, Home and Nest-branded speakers and displays that haven’t been used in a long time or are still boxed and unopened are likely to be affected, likely because they’re running older firmware. If you have access to such a device, the company recommends using Google TV or Android TV to set them up. Alternatively, if you live outside of the United States and Canada, you can use the Device Utility app from Play Store to activate the product. For users in these two countries, Google recommends contacting their customer service.

In a statement to 9to5Googlethe company notes that it would send replacement devices or offer Google Store credit to affected users if needed.

“This decision temporarily affects a small number of Pixel users who are setting up a speaker or display for the first time with the Device Utility app. We will work with them to minimize disruption. Our support teams are here to help. availability to resolve any issues they encounter and, if necessary, we will send you replacement devices or offer Google Store credit.Over the years, we have worked hard to ensure that our joint customers have a positive and we are disappointed that Sonos continues to use the legal system in a way that deliberately creates problems for these users.

Google has been on the losing side in its war against Sonos. It has already had to make annoying changes to how the speaker cluster volume controls work, resulting in a poor user experience. The company could have simply paid Sonos’ royalties and licensed the necessary patents to end this case. Instead, he took the other route by modifying the functionality of his devices to circumvent the breach, which is messy in the short term.


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