Google Pixel 6A best prices and where to buy


Looking to grab the affordable Google Pixel 6A this pre-holiday season? Black Friday 2022 has prompted retailers like Amazon and Best Buy to satisfy every fan’s need for discounts on their favorite Pixel devices.

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Celebrated just after Thanksgiving every year, Black Friday marks the start of the holiday season. On this day, popular online shopping platforms and offline stores offer massive discounts and hot deals on various products. Being an annual event, the large and rare offers naturally attract many shopping enthusiasts looking to fulfill their expensive wishes.

Over the years, popular retailers took the event as a contest and started offering early discounts to attract customers. Google has also joined the early bird trend, which will allow fans to grab some exciting information offers on Pixel 7, 7 Pro and 6A via the brand’s official store soon.

Exciting Black Friday deals available on the Google Pixel 6A

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Featuring a beautiful 6.1-inch full-screen display, Pixel 6A is powered by Google Tensor processor and Titan M2 security co-processor to ensure top-notch performance and viewing experience.

It also has a huge battery life, an efficient 6GB LPDDR5 RAM, strong security aspects, an excellent camera, and more. The Pixel 6A is definitely a great Android device for those who want to enjoy flagship features at an affordable price.

With November 25 just days away, you’ll find plenty of early discounts on the latest Pixel devices. You can get Pixel 6A discounts through third-party retailers and the Google Store. Here are some current, upcoming, and expected Pixel 6A deals to consider.

Google Store

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Google has announced an exciting black friday sale on November 17, this will allow fans to grab the Pixel 6A at a massive discount. According to the California-based tech giant, the model will feature a $150 discount, significantly lowering its base rate.

  • Google Pixel 6A (6GB RAM + 128GB ROM): Available at $299 (Real price: $449) through the Google Store on November 17
  • The Pixel 6A version locked by Verizon is expected to cost $349.

Google’s Black Friday sale will also offer great discounts on the latest flagships, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, which are also worth considering. You can also trade in your current device to get extra credit for your purchase.


If you can’t wait for November 17, you can get the Pixel 6A from Amazon today. However, the discounts here are less than what Google promises to provide during the official Black Friday sale.

  • Google Pixel 6a – 5G Android phone – Unlocked smartphone with 12 megapixel camera and 24 hour battery – Chalk at $388 (17% off $449)

Currently, Amazon is the only third-party retailer offering a discount on the Pixel 6A.

best buy and Target were offering the Pixel 6A for $299 last week. For now, the platforms seem to have removed the discounts. However, offers may return in the coming days and discounts may be even higher than before.

While the discomfort of waiting for a sale is understandable, we suggest waiting until Google’s Black Friday event on November 17 before buying the Pixel 6A. Missing the lowest price on the affordable Pixel 6 variant is not worthy of interest. In fact, the latest Pixel 7 phones will be discounted up to $150, which will also make for a bargain.

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