Google News would have a Wear OS app


With the launch of Pixel Watch earlier this month, Google was quick to let us all know they’re committed to the success of Wear OS. However, even with Wear OS 3 available for a while now on a limited number of watches, hopefully the Pixel Watch will be the wearable that will see it gain wider adoption.

That said, there can’t be wider adoption if there aren’t apps to support this business. That’s probably why Google is making a concerted effort to make sure its own apps are up to date and ready with versions compatible with Wear OS. Jthis would be the case with the Google News application, which, as reported 9to5Google based on a discovery by a Editorshows signs of being almost ready for Wear OS.

The discovery was made simply by chance when the aforementioned Redditor used Google Assistant on Pixel Watch to ask to open Google News, which quickly led him to an install page. Since the app was technically not ready, the app listing opened but with an error message that it was not compatible with his device. That would have been the end of it for most people, but this eagle-eyed user scrolled down further and noticed that there were screenshots showing what the Wear OS Google News app UI would look like. Below are screenshots of the app provided by 9to5Google:

From what we can see in the screenshots, the app will have visible headlines, but it’s not one hundred percent clear that we’ll actually be able to read the news articles on the watch. Of course, it would certainly be difficult to reformat the news so that it could be read on a watch screen without having to scroll through it indefinitely. If you look at the last screenshot, there’s a link to open the article on Bloomberg, but using your smartphone, which I think the Wear OS Google News app will end up being – visible headlines with links to read the full story on your phone.

We’ll have to wait for the app to properly launch for Wear OS to see what Google actually has in store for it. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if a Google News app is something you think we need on a watch and how you expect it to work.

Image selected by Triyansh Gill on Unsplash


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