Google Meet’s “Present Now” greyed-out issue investigated


Google Meet is one of the most widely used video communication services available on the internet. Formerly known as Hangouts Meet, it is one of the apps that will replace Hangouts.

Originally released in 2017, the app has grown in popularity due to the Corona pandemic. With Google suspending the 60-minute limit for free users, the service had over 100 million users every day in 2020.

That said, users have reported bugs such as app disconnecting after joining meeting on Amazon Fire Tablet and Android app not updating via Play Store on Android 10.

And according to recent reports from Google Meet users, many are now saying (1,2>,3) that Present is now greyed out or not working. The problem prevents them from sharing their screen with others, which negatively affects productivity.

Some said they tried clearing cache and cookies, updating and restarting Windows, but nothing helped. Below are some reports from Google Meet users where the Present Now button is greyed out.

Google-Meet-present-now-button-grayed out

I’m having trouble with Google Meet. I am unable to present my screen using my personal account, I have checked my settings and all other options are set. I was able to present my screen using my work account. I have attached the screenshot of the problem for your reference. I even uninstalled the chrome browser and reset my account settings but that didn’t work either. but it works in other browsers. It also worked in the incognito tab. I also updated my Windows 11. Please help me to solve this problem.

While using Google Meet this week, my “Present Now” button no longer works:
-It appears ‘normal’ in a meeting, and when pressed allows selection of a window, tab, etc….but when a selection is made, nothing happens and the ‘Present Now ‘ appears grayed out. It does not respond to any clicks.
– Thus, there is no way to present at meetings.
-If I leave a meeting and then come back, the Present button looks normal, but the behavior is the same as above.

Fortunately, a Diamond product expert commented on the issue and said they passed the issue on to the developers for further investigation. They also shared a workaround that seems to help some.

Thanks for all the detailed reports, I’ve escalated the issue to Meet. If it works in an incognito window, try disabling ALL extensions and add-ons to see if that fixes the problem. (I see it doesn’t work for some people)

Until Google resolves the issue, we’ll be keeping an eye on the matter and updating this space as we find more information, so stay tuned.

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