Google is removing the Movies & TV section from the Play Store in favor of the Google TV app


Goodbye Play Movies and TV

In October 2020, Google launched the Google TV app to replace the old Play Movies & TV service. Although it comes pre-installed on most Android devices, Play Movies & TV never really took off as it mainly served as a gateway to the Play Store to buy or rent new content. Now the company has announcement that it removes the “Movies & TV” section from Google Play on your Android device. Instead, purchases and rentals will only be available from the Google TV client.

The “Movies & TV” tab will disappear from the Play Store on your Android phone from May 2022, after which you will need to use the Google TV app to buy, rent and watch previously purchased media. The change won’t affect your existing library, wishlist and purchased content – they will remain accessible from Google TV. Plus, you can continue to use Play credit and gift cards to rent and purchase items. Family Sharing and refund requests for purchased media content are also unaffected.


Unlike the Play Movies & TV app which only served as a storefront with a built-in video player, Google TV gives you content recommendations and deep links to various streaming services. The app comes pre-installed on most Android devices and is available in almost all regions of the world except Aruba, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, and Korea. South. It also has a virtual remote control for your Android TV or Chromecast to make your life easier.

Interestingly, the big G announcement only talks about changes to the Play Store app – it’s unclear if the Movies section will be removed from the web or not. However, the change means that the Play Store will no longer act as a unified store for buying all kinds of content – TV shows, movies, music, apps and games – from Google. Also, there is still no Google TV client for iOS. Instead, it looks like iPhone and iPad users will have to continue using the Play Movies & TV app to buy and rent content from Google.

All in all, it could turn into a messy transition in the spirit of the new Google Pay app and the move from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, with Play Store credits still usable on Google TV and your purchase and watch history. rental always sync with play store.


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