Google introduces Chrome Web Store updates


In November 2021, we announced here at Chrome Unboxed that the Web Store would soon see some changes. Being a developer of a few Chromebook-exclusive extensions myself (CrosKeys and CrosPaper), I was really excited to hear that there was a movement to improve the platform.

As Michael shared earlier this month, the Web Store team recently updated developers via email on what those changes would be:

Dear Developer,

Since 2009, developers have worked hard to create extensions that make Chrome more powerful, useful, and personalized for users. The Chrome Web Store aims to make it easy for users to find premium extensions while recognizing the developers who create them. Today, we’re happy to announce two new expansion badges to help us achieve that goal: the Featured Badge and the Established Publisher Badge. These two badges will appear in stores in the coming weeks.

Developers who earn these badges can receive higher rankings in search and filtering, and can also see their extensions appear in special promotions both on and off the Chrome Web Store.

The Google Chrome Web Store Team

A recent article on Google Keyword details each badge, what it means and how to earn it.

Established Publisher Badge

The Established Publisher badge features publishers who have verified their identity and demonstrated compliance with the Developer Program policies. This badge is awarded to publishers who meet the following two conditions:

  1. The identity of the publisher has been verified.
  2. The publisher has a consistently positive track record with Google Services and Developer Program Policy compliance.

This badge is represented by a small checkmark next to the developer’s website name. For example, we were happy to see that Google trusted us at CrosExperts. In its email to developers, Google clarifies that this is the less exclusive of the two badges, accounting for almost 75% of all Web Store extensions!

Featured badge

The Featured badge will be awarded to extensions that follow our technical best practices and meet a high standard of user experience and design. Selected badges will be awarded to eligible extensions through our extension review system. The Chrome team will manually evaluate each extension before it receives the badge, paying particular attention to the following points:

  1. Adherence to Chrome Web Store best practice guidelines, including providing an enjoyable and intuitive experience, using the latest platform APIs, and respecting end-user privacy.
  2. A clear and useful Play Store page for potential users, with quality images and a detailed description.

Developers cannot pay to receive either badge, but we can ask the Web Store team for consideration. Starting April 20, 2022, the One Stop Support page began allowing developers to nominate our extensions for the Featured badge.

Featured Badge Appointment

I will definitely take advantage of this for my projects and I’m sure it will make finding well-maintained Chrome extensions and themes easier for all users. Hopefully more improvements are on the way to make the online store easier to navigate. What would you like to see changed or updated on the platform? Let me know in the comments below.


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