Google intends to revive Stadia, in a whole new direction


Google Stadia returns

Remember Google Stadia? Google would really appreciate it if you did. The initiative was (keyword: was) inventive technology, allowing anyone from any device to play any game, through a live recording of gameplay processed on a remote server. Your device only needs to act as a viewing screen. But sadly, Stadia didn’t quite land. But Google still has plans for the technology, and at a recent “Google for Games” developer summit, they made those plans known.

Imagine, if you will: a game ad – embedded in a page, in a youtube video, following a QR code, etc. With one click, no registration needed, just… start playing a demo version of a game before you buy it. Directly from your web browser.

This is Google’s plan for Stadia. A system that allows users to easily and quickly access game demos whenever they want. Demos can have a number of restrictions – maybe you can only play for an hour, maybe you can only experience small parts of the game, etc. Anything designed to give you a quick look at a game would be designed by the developers and would be largely the same as how game demos work today. But with Stadia technology, they would be so much more accessible. And you have to admit…this idea is very promising.

But Google doesn’t just recycle technology. They also want to make it easier for developers to run their games (and game engines) the way Stadia needs them to. It’s a problem that’s come up before, and it’s one that Google wants to erase.



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