Google Games of the Olympics with online sports challenges


As it happens every 4 years (5 in this case) on the occasion of the Olympic Games, Google has released one of its magnificent playable logos, this time with a really special and funny logo maxi game online full of surprises to discover, mini sports games and lots of information to read.

It’s a game with a retro style, like an RPG where a kitten moves through a fantastic village where you can interact with the different characters that are around. With 16-bit, Italian-readable graphics, you can then join a team and play against the reigning champions of skateboarding, rugby, rock climbing, table tennis, synchronized swimming and many other Olympic sports.

The goal is to win seven sacred scrolls by defeating the champions of each sport in sports competitions. The online game also features updated leaderboards for the duration of the Olympic Games.

To play Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games game you can click on the logo on the Google homepage on PC or smartphone or go directly to the game page located at this address.

On this occasion, we also remember the Google Games for the 2016 Olympics and those of 2012, with the Funniest Interactive Google Doodle last days ago games dedicated to: Basketball, Soccer, Obstacle Course and Canoeing .

1) The game of basketball is perhaps the most fun and allows you to try your hand at shooting the basket.

Then press the Play button in Basketball 2012 consists of throwing the ball with the right mouse button, measuring the power according to the pressure.

2) Football is a penalty shootout challenge where you have to move the goalkeeper with the mouse and make him jump with the right button or the bar to save.

the Soccer 2012 the game is virtually endless and only ends after conceding three goals.

After a few stops, the shots seem to get stronger and faster, so blocking them becomes more difficult.

3) The obstacle course is similar to that old Olympic game where you made an athlete run with a mustache by moving the joystick, quickly, from side to side.

In this case we use the keyboard darts and the obstacles are jumped with the spacebar.

The journey is very short and the goal is to do as little time as possible.

4) Finally, the canoe slalom is a lot of fun and it is perhaps the most difficult game (so to speak) among those published by Google for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

It is played by moving the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard as quickly as possible, in rhythm, but taking care to guide the canoe along the path and let it enter between the posts.

At the end, you get a score determined by the travel time and the number of correctly entered gates.

In another post, the updated summary of the best festive Google logos released in the past.


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