Google expands Trusted Store badge to free shopping listings


The coveted Google Trusted Store badge has been around for almost a decade. In fact, Google said more than 67% of users relied on Google ratings, price comparison and reviews to make a purchase this past holiday season.

A good customer experience is crucial in all industries, especially in e-commerce. That’s why Google announced the extension of the Trusted Store badge to free shopping listings.

Obtain the Trusted Store Badge

As part of this welcome change for online businesses, the Trusted Store badge will be available to brands based on their shopping experience scorecard.

If your brand consistently provides excellent shipping and returns, you can display a Trusted Stores badge on your listings.

Earning the Trusted Merchant badge is based on performance of the following:

  • Shipping Speeds
  • Shipping
  • Return fees
  • return windows

These performance metrics are compared to those of other merchants within a relative category.

Here’s an example of what the Trusted Stores badge looks like:

Image credit:, March 2022

The Shopping Experience Dashboard Explained

This program is available to you if you participate in Buy on Google or Free Listings in the United States.

the Shopping experience dashboard keeps track of the experience you provide to your customers in many areas (listed above in the Trusted Merchant Badge section).

For each metric, you will get a score of:

  • Excellent
  • Comparable
  • Opportunity

If certain criteria of these metrics are met, Google will highlight your product listing in Shopping tab placements and/or a badge on your listings. However, you must submit information for all of the above areas to get the badge on your product listings.

While Google analyzes the information you provide each day, there is a fixed analysis period to determine the state of your metric. The statistics above are calculated on a weighted average per impression of this analysis period.

You can view performance and your shopping experience dashboard by logging into your Google Merchant Center account.

Badge Benefits

Receiving the Trusted Store badge is no small feat. Everything is based on the customer experience offered to your users. If your brand excels in shipping, returns, and reviews, you can reap the benefits. Some of these benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased Product Listing Engagement
  • Improved trust in users
  • Larger listings in the Shopping tab
  • Brand awareness

In Google’s initial testing of the badge, they said “merchants displaying a Trusted Store badge are more likely to receive clicks.” Additionally, Google mentions that lesser-known brands that have the Trusted Stores badge get more clicks and traffic.

Announcing new reporting tools

In addition to the Trusted Store badge, Google has launched improved reporting tools to measure the impact of free listings.

The new reporting tool shows merchants information about their product listings on:

  • Total traffic
  • prints
  • Conversion rate

Previously, free product listing reporting was not available to merchants. For example, if you wanted to test free product listings against paid listings, you would have no idea if the free listings had a positive impact on your business. Now you can view all free listing conversion data to help you make better business decisions in the future.

Here is an example of a free product listings report provided by Google:

The new reporting tool displays the performance of the free product listing.Image credit:, March 2022

The latest tool announced by Google is its price analysis tool. The objective of this tool is to help brands better understand their competitiveness in the market.

The pricing insights tool also provides suggested prices for each product sold, using machine learning. The biggest benefit may be the expected impact of price changes on your revenue.

Google adds a new price analysis tool in Merchant Center.Image credit:, March 2022


Adding these tools is for the benefit of both the customer and the business. By providing a seamless customer experience, you will be rewarded with a Trusted Store badge. With new information and reporting tools, you’ll be able to act more quickly on product changes and improvements.

Source: google

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