Google Docs makes it easy to find key features


The company revamps some menus, shortens others and uses large icons

Productivity tools can be packed with so many features that trying to track down the one you need can sometimes put Hercules to shame. And with updates adding even more features all the time, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it’s always so refreshing to see developers strive to streamline their interfaces to make it as easy as possible to navigate to the features we need. Google Docs is currently working on something along these lines, updating its menus to improve the findability of key tools.

Google improves Docs desktop menus for make it easier to locate features commonly used by users. The change will shorten menus, rearrange their content and introduce more prominent icons (where applicable) for better navigation, intuitive location of features and faster recognition.


For example, the Document Details option on the File tab has been reduced to Details. Google is also adding a new approval option and mixing up some options – version history and offline provision are now closer to the bottom, while sharing has been moved to the same section as email and downloading. Meanwhile, the web publishing option has been removed entirely. Finally, Google added a new Extensions menu to the toolbar, grouping add-ons that integrate with Docs.

Look for the new Docs menu that will start showing for all users by the end of May.


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