Google Chrome will soon let you manually add new passwords


Google Chrome wasn’t the best password manager, partly because you couldn’t add passwords yourself — you had to wait for the browser to offer to do it for you. However, you may soon have reason to reconsider your decision. android font Remarks the latest stable version of Chrome includes a buried flag (chrome://flags/#add-passwords-in-settings) that lets you manually add passwords. If you know you’ll be logging into a bank or a favorite store frequently, you can add the credentials without having to visit that site first.

First user of Reddit Leopardeva64-2 Point the manual password feature in Chrome Canary releases in late 2021. The feature is common in other password managers, but it should still be welcome if you prefer to use Google’s built-in feature instead. instead of installing software and extensions.

More recently, this same user remark a Chrome Canary 101 feature that lets you add notes for passwords. Again, this isn’t new to password managers, but it could be vital if you want to remember the last time you changed a password or want a hint for any questions about security. While this and the manual password feature can take a while to reach easily accessible settings, they should be worth the wait if you’re relying on Google’s password tools.

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