Google Chrome lets users add password notes


Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in the world due to its speed and performance. With its advanced features and synchronization methods, it has become one of the favorite browsers of all Internet users.

Google is constantly working to improve the user experience of Chrome. To provide more convenience to users, Chrome has added many features including extensions.

However, password management has been one of the worst things users face due to many websites they use in their daily life. Another worst thing is remembering the password for each site. Users have become more security conscious to stop using the same password. Although it is one of the best things for them to be safe from cyber criminals, it also frustrates them to remember all the credentials.

Google has introduced a feature to save passwords to a particular site along with the username. This feature has facilitated access for many Internet users to connect to their site. Recent leaks from Reddit indicate that Google has been working on adding notes to saved passwords.

One of the Reddit users came across this feature which appears to be an unreleased version of chrome (101). The current chrome version is 98. This proves that the user has a three-version chrome preview of the current version.

This was posted by the user on their Reddit account. The image above shows adding a password to a website with a note. Previously, third-party app extensions such as 1password provided this functionality to users.

An interesting fact is that this Reddit user posted a preview of chrome with advanced color features developed by Google. These features will be available to all users in the very near future.

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