Google Chrome is here to help you with your Christmas shopping


If you’ve left your Christmas shopping dangerously late, Google wants to make your panic buying a little easier with a host of e-commerce-friendly upgrades coming to Chrome in the near future.

By a blog post, Google announced that Chrome will get convenient shopping features. The first and most interesting of these is a price tracker for the mobile browser. If you’re keeping an eye on a product for a price reduction, Google wants to save you from constantly refreshing the page by keeping an eye on the price for you. Products inside your open tab grid will now show live prices, meaning you can jump to them when they’re at their lowest. It looks a bit like this:

Chrome price comparison for Android

(Image credit: Google)

This feature is rolling out to Chrome for Android this week in the US and will follow for iOS “in the coming weeks.”

Then there’s another mobile-friendly feature for people who shop in person. With Google Lens, shoppers can snap a photo of the item they’re interested in and search on the spot, presumably to do a quick price comparison before pulling the trigger. To do this, just tap the Lens icon in the address bar and take a photo.

Less useful, given the lack of built-in camera and portability, the feature will soon be available on the desktop version as well. If you find an image with a product you’re interested in, you can right-click on it and select “Find images with Google Lens”, hovering over the specific part you’re interested in with the mouse.

Finally, there’s something for people who tend to bookmark things to their virtual shopping carts. If you do this, but are also prone to forgetting where, then a new update for Chrome for Windows and Mac is here to help you keep track of things. Just open a new tab and you can scroll down to a new card titled “Your Shopping Carts” which should list wherever you have unfinished shopping business to settle.

“Some retailers, like Zazzle, iHerb, Electronic Express, and Homesquare, may even offer a discount when you come back to pay,” Google teases. Again, this update is starting with US buyers, but Google says that’s just the starting point.

The other two points in the article highlight existing features – auto-generating and remembering hard-to-crack passwords and remembering payment details. All of these features prove why Chrome continues to top our list of best Android browsers.

Nonetheless, it’s a useful feature set for shoppers who prefer to browse online. And while it might be a little late for Christmas 2021 for most of us, you imagine these features are here for the long haul. And if you want to trick your browser even more, check out our list of the best Chrome extensions.


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