Google Chrome is getting an RSS feed reader on the desktop


Google introduced an RSS reader integrated into Chrome for Android last year. And now the feature is on its way to Chrome for desktop and ChromeOS.

The feature was spotted in the browser’s source code by About Chromebooks (via Android Police) in ChromeOS 106. It was called “Web Feed”.

The blog contacted a Google Chrome engineer, Adriana Porter Felt, to find out if this web feed refers to RSS feeds. She confirmed it and added that Google Reader will also fetch content from sites that don’t have an RSS feed. It’s quite intriguing and can be handy for quickly browsing the latest articles from multiple sites without going through dozens of tabs.

The engineer also said that the feature is a work in progress and the mobile version needs to be improved before it’s ready on desktop computers. The target seems to be Chrome 106, which should be released at the end of September.

So how does it work? On Android, you can access your feed by opening a new tab. The RSS reader on Chrome does not appear on the new tab page, it is available through the sidebar.

Google Chrome RSS reader is currently accessible in Chrome 106 Dev Channel and ChromeOS 106 build. But it is not working yet. If you want to enable the context menu option, you can do so by downloading the latest version of the browser from the official site.

How to Enable RSS Feed Reader in Google Chrome

1. Go to chrome://flags/

2. Search the word feed or just use the following URL.


3. You should see an option called “Follow the stream in the side panel”. The flag is set to its default value, which is disabled.

How to Enable RSS Feed Reader in Google Chrome

4. Click on the drop-down menu next to it and set it to enabled. You will need to restart the browser to apply the changes.

5. Go to a website that supports RSS feeds, for example

6. Right-click anywhere on the page and you should see the “Follow Site” option. Click it to add it to your feed.

7. Click the side panel button in the Chrome toolbar. This is the same panel that contains your Reading List and Bookmarks.

8. Tap the drop-down menu and select the new option, Feeds.

How to Access RSS Feed Reader in Google Chrome

As I mentioned earlier, the stream interface does not load, it just throws an error saying: “ refused to connect.” But the existence of the option is proof that the feature is on the way. If it is to ship with the stable Chrome 106 release next month, we can probably expect that the RSS reader will start working soon.

Once available, it will likely make its way to other Chromium-based browsers, although Vivaldi and Edge have their own built-in RSS readers. I think Google Reader for desktop is similar to Edge’s discovery pane in that they both use the sidebar, however, the option to manually subscribe to feeds should give the Chrome version the edge .

Good to see RSS gaining prominence again but all of these options are tied to a specific browser I think a cloud based cross platform aggregator may be a better option you know like the original Google Reader .

Do you use RSS readers?


Google Chrome is getting an RSS feed reader on the desktop

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Google Chrome is getting an RSS feed reader on the desktop

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Google Chrome adds support for an integrated RSS feed reader on desktop and ChromeOS.




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