Google Chrome emergency update fixes 0-day vulnerability


@Stone heart
LOL another marketing scheme in the name of “privacy”, the fantasy and lies of the Internet? let me guess they will get search offers or add crypto or pyramid scheme to get money in the name of hoax called internet privacy?

It’s actually like a bad April Fool’s joke at this point… are you sure it’s real or the devs are just brain dead?

I mean, you don’t have to do much, just find the name on one of those lame government “health” websites that barely tell you anything important, in Hexavalent’s case, they do, because it’s a known real thing.
But they will all agree on: “known to cause cancer” and bad for the respiratory system, kidneys, liver, eyes and skin, etc.

So… well, that sounds like an amazing name to have in your browser, right?
Maybe it’s their little hidden message to already tell us that they will be cancerous, like most browser vendors are? or somehow they are in the humanitarian plan to make us aware of something that everyone should know?

Anyway, all I know is it’s gonna suck, and they won’t protect any privacy like no browser does and like no browser can, you can literally block all IP addresses from Google or Microsoft (and then the respective own connections like Vivaldi, Brave, Yandex Opera have IP addresses) from any browser with a firewall… 10 firewalls, hardware and software and ad blockers , and even if you “don’t send information” to one of them… what do you think will happen? You will be sending information to someone, every website you visit, your ISP, anti-fraud vpn company will know everything about you, DNS resolver as well, website analytics…so do you think the government agencies shut down because you’re using someone’s browser with such an “interesting” name? Do you think you won’t be spied on only because of encryptions (backdoor) and fake “privacy” or “security” marketing programs?

I mean, you’re still talking about Brave and how amazing it is, and they couldn’t even do a simple thing, don’t censor like you promise not to… They literally censored RT from their sources d information and they said Glasses will probably worsen censorship in some countries and if they are ordered by governments to do anything they will do it because it is better to avoid getting into trouble than to be removed from ‘Apple or Google Store or something like that.
If they don’t do what they promised what will make you think of ‘Hexavalent-Browser’ with so many stupid things already done by them without even having 1 download version in place because it is ‘in development’ going to change anything? At least for now, doing a quick search, it looks like the devs aren’t being political in their Twitter accounts or anything, so there’s some hope that they’re not going to be boring, but to think that they’re going to fix the internet and fix privacy is kind of an oxymoron.
I still can’t believe they chose that name, just awkward.

But seriously, people should stop using words like security and privacy in the same sentence as browser and internet. it’s time to stop this for real. That’s not a real thing, that’s all I hoped people would understand now.


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