Google Chrome ditches right-click reverse image search in favor of Lens


Is this really an improvement?

Google has been experimenting with the best uses of Lens for some time. At first it was mobile only. Then it was added to Chrome quietly, and some users recently discovered a test version that was fully integrated with search in a desktop browser while using incognito mode. Now it looks like there has been another separate change, as GHacks notes that Lens is now the only reverse image search choice when right-clicking a photo while using Chrome.

If you’re using an updated version of Chrome, you should be able to just right-click on photos and you’ll see a menu that says “use Google Lens”. That’s all. Yes, reverse image search as we learned still exists, but instead of a few clicks, it’s now a bit more of a journey to get there. Users can also still get extensions that facilitate reverse image searches through the original functionality, of course, but if you like Lens, congratulations! It’s now your main Chrome desktop option when you’re looking for whatever you’re looking for.


Screenshot showing the change in the Chrome context menu

The Search Monolith didn’t address the change, but it’s reasonable to believe that Google is doubling down on the gospel of Google Lens with another push for people to use it rather than the legacy version. And the Lens option could provide better context for what you are looking for. In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see if users finally approve of the change.

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