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Over the past few years, virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant have become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s grocery shopping, paying bills, or controlling the lights, Google Assistant can easily do it all.

After being a Pixel-exclusive feature for a while, Google made the Assistant available to everyone from February 2017. That said, developers have been constantly adding new features.

But like all other apps, issues such as the integration of third-party shopping list apps not working and “Sorry, I can’t text with Telegram yet” affected the overall experience for some.

And as if the aforementioned issues weren’t troubling enough, many say they get an “Update the Google app to use your assistant” error message every time they try to use Google Assistant.

Some say they have tried force stopping the app, clearing data and cache on Android, and reinstalling the app, but nothing seems to fix the problem.

Affected users see no app updates and are already running the latest version of Assistant.

Below are some reports of Google Assistant users troubled by the error message “Update the Google app to use your assistant”.

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Hello, I’m hoping someone can fix an issue my daughter-in-law has been having for about a week with the Assistant on her Pixel 3. If she tries to use it, she sees the following message. She checked both Google and Assistant apps (both were up to date) and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps, as well as turning the phone off/on several times – still to no avail. Any suggestions on how she can fix things?

I just started “updating the google app to use your assistant”. I just started getting the error when trying to use my helper. My Samsung phone is completely up to date with all the latest software. I went through all the steps in the article: I uninstalled and reinstalled the google assistant and went back to google and updated it. Nothing seems to change the error, it started two days ago and happens 100% of the time.

Fortunately, a Diamond product expert has shed some light on the matter and said they have forwarded the issue to the relevant team for further investigation.

Your issue has been escalated to the Google product team for further investigation. Please respond in this thread if you find that your issue has been resolved.

We hope the developers find out why this is happening soon and release an update in the next few days that fixes the problem.

If and when they do, we’ll update this space to reflect the same, so keep checking PiunikaWeb for more information.

Update 1 (May 31)

3:55 p.m. (IST): One of the affected users said that uninstalling the latest app update did the trick for him. So users can try this as a potential workaround and see if it helps.

Update 2 (June 1)

12:57 p.m. (IST): A Redditor suggested a workaround that may help you access Google Assistant without getting the error.

I experienced the same thing. I read that the assistant is now integrated into the Google app, so the Assistant app can be uninstalled. Now you need to load the Google app (or Google Go) and press the mic to run the assistant. The hotkey still works, but I had to clear my assistant’s default and set it to use Google Assistant vs Bixby. (Source)

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