Google app dark theme gets even darker


It’s not black AMOLED, but progress is progress

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Dark mode has become increasingly popular in recent years. Most of the apps we use daily have added support for a dark mode in one way or another, and that’s pretty much a given in most Google apps already, including the search application itself. Last week, we saw the company test a black theme on search results in the desktop web version. This test is now followed by a new darker shade on the Google app on Android phones, now appearing in beta.

This new color (via 9to5Google) isn’t as black as the shade we saw on the web version – this one was literally black (which is the best way to do dark mode, in my completely unbiased opinion) , while this one is just a darker shade of gray – although much closer to black. It looks considerably nicer than what the app had before. In search results, the darker gray of the background contrasts much better with search results, which retain the old shade of gray unchanged.


Left: The Google app before this change. Law: New darker colors.

This change is most visible in the Discover feed, which has become considerably darker. The search results also have a new darker shade, but the change isn’t as dramatic there. This does not extend to areas like Snapshot. With darker shades of gray, the app’s UI will be even easier on your eyes if you’re searching at night.

The redesign isn’t widely rolled out yet, but if you want to give this one a try, you can download the latest 13.8 beta from the Google Play Store or APKMirror. You can also wait for this to roll out to the stable branch, which shouldn’t take long. We don’t know if these changes will be search-specific or if Google plans to make dark themes darker across the board on all of its apps. All we know is that darker is better – and black themes in particular are great if you’re using an AMOLED phone.

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