Google Algorithmic Swings, Search Console Weirdness, Google Reviews Guidelines, Google Ads and more


This week I published Google’s Monthly Webmaster Report, a great place to catch up on the past month when it comes to SEO. Glenn Gabe shared some wild graphs showing how Google’s various search algorithms can’t decide on on-site quality. The Google Search Console Query Report in Google Analytics UA3 does not pass query data. The Google Search Console Performance report is missing data as of September 21. Google is also still working on news article timestamp issues in Google Search. Google does not track Multisearch in Google Search Console. Google’s John Mueller said visual search is rare. Google has given advice on what to do when copycat sites outrank you. Google updated its review guidelines to ban discouraging negative reviews and more. Google business profiles are suspended en masse. Google Business Profiles also shows strange spikes with some Insights reports. Google has removed the health and safety section from Google Business Profiles. Google Shopping has a new chat feature. Google Ads will soon update its UK financial services policy. Google Ads now lets you apply a recommendation as a test on the tests page. Microsoft Advertising has added maximum performance imports, new data exclusion features, automated extension additions, and more. Google Ads has released the API timeline for release dates and expiration dates in 2023. Google Tag has added a summary of tap coverage and new popular Google Ads, Google Analytics and CMS integrations. Also, I’m offline this coming Monday and Tuesday for the last round of Jewish holidays. And if you’d like to help sponsor these vlogs, head over to It was the news of search this week during the roundtable on search engines.

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