Get Google Play Store 31.4.11


Google has started rolling out a new Play Store version 31.4.11 for Android smartphone users. This version of the Play Store app features improvements for consumers running the latest and recent version of Android.

Google Play Store 31.4.11 is rolling out in batches and the Android maker assures users that this version will get better support for downloading the latest app packages. This version will be automatically integrated into your phone without requiring a manual upgrade.

Authorization section:

In the meantime, Google has decided to remove the app permissions section on Play Store and this version. The latest APK might be for that, as the company has decided to push the latest version back to Android users.

Google Play Store displays the app’s required permission on the app’s listing page. For example, if an app requests the use of high-risk or sensitive permissions (eg SMS or call log), the developer must complete the Permissions Declaration Form and receive approval from Google Play.

“Privacy and transparency are core values ​​in the Android community. We’ve heard your feedback that you find the app permissions section in Google Play useful, and we’ve decided to reinstate it. The app permissions section app will be back shortly.

These permissions are reflected on the Play Store listing and last week Google decided to put them away, after July 20 – the deadline for all app developers to declare their app’s permission usage.

“The Data Security section gives users a simplified view of how an app collects, shares, and secures user data, but we also want to make app permissions information easily visible so users understand the ability of an application to access specific restricted data and actions. wrote the Android maker.


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