Gambia: Legends – Genuis acoustic music by Bubacarr Jammeh-Gambia



The great master, guitarist and singer Buba Jammeh comes from Bakau Wassulg Kunda, one of the best musicians in Europe and the world. Living and working in Berlin, Germany has made waves with its music. Performing in major festivals and concerts and also recorded numerous singles and albums including the hit song Kulunba.

A guitarist, conga player, singer, songwriter and arranger is a Gambian musician, singer-songwriter, artist and writer. He has been an influential figure in popular music and culture for over four decades. Much of his most famous work dates from the 1980s. A number of his early songs, such as “Nyingteh Kairote Song” and “Kiang Jenjere Kulumba”, have become hymns for Bakau’s cultural celebrations and social events. youth clubs. Leaving its initial basis in the culture of folk music of Bakau, others in the tradition of folk music.

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