Framey.IO is the new social travel app now available on the App Store and Google Play


Framey is a social media app that helps users find, plan, and document their dream vacation. The app, which raised over $1 million in funding, is now available worldwide for travelers to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/July 28, 2022/ Founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs, Robert Preoteasa and Alexandru Iulian Florea, Framey has launched an inspirational platform where users can walk through the whole process of a trip, from dreaming and planning, to experiencing and sharing their travel with their subscribers. The exciting new social networking app is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

For more information on how to download Framey, the disruptive travel app that helps users plan their entire travel process, from dreaming to planning, experiencing and sharing, please visit

The beginnings of Framey

Framey was founded in 2019 and was envisioned from the start as a social media app that would disrupt the travel landscape by allowing users to discover new destinations and plan their next trips.

To further develop Framey, this Romania-based travel tech startup successfully raised $1 million in a seed funding round led by Dubai’s ICE Capital and backed by JECO Capital, a powerhouse investment group. European investment.

The powerful financial support is badly needed by the emerging startup to expand its team, develop and improve the product while fighting to establish its name in the travel industry.

Framey, more than a social travel app:

When asked to describe Framey in a few words, the CEO of Framey said, “we would say that its primary mission is to help users find inspiration for the next journey of discovery.”

This social travel app may seem like just another platform for travelers to post photos and reveal new attractions around the world, but its disruptive power comes from letting users discover interesting places in an understandable way and offering the ability to create a travel plan around that specific location.

Along with finding exotic new places to visit, users have the ability to document and share their own visual impressions of that space with others by uploading their own photos and revealing their own thoughts about that place.

New users will easily notice that Framey’s main benefit on their mobile devices comes from an unexpected mix of a social media app and a trip planning platform.

To establish its name in the travel space, Framey worked to connect stakeholders and anyone who could use its platform, from normal travelers and travel content creators to local people and agencies who stand to benefit from the growing popularity of the discovery destination.

Framey reinvents travel planning:

It is difficult to define the power of Framey in just a few sentences. Travel experiences can hardly be bundled into a single app, platform or device.

At the same time, the travel industry is already poised to offer travelers a long list of powerful companies and agencies that can cover everything from booking flights and accommodations to discovering great restaurants and attractions. local experiences.

However, the major downside for a large company is that it loses the feeling of a growing community by replacing it with the cold mask of a company that just wants money from users.

From this perspective, Framey has the advantage of being a social travel app that has focused from the start on the power of community and communication to deliver travel experiences of normal people who want share their journey with others. users.

Ultimately, the main idea behind Framey is to inspire people to travel more, have more meaningful experiences, and share them with other people, whether we’re talking about a long weekend in a city popular European or regular visit to our favorite pizzeria or ice cream parlor in our hometown.

Framey emphasizes the discovery of one’s own country:

For about two years the world has been gradually changing due to Covid or other unexpected world events and we all had to follow this inevitable change.

The team behind Framey have noticed people’s growing interest in traveling more in their own backyards, whether that’s visiting nearby attractions or reaching more distant destinations, such as villages, towns and cities. or tourist areas of their own country.

While this was initially an element of surprise, Framey took advantage of this to offer the vast majority of travelers the opportunity to experience more local attractions and create a plan around these “new” destinations.

Suddenly, the old mountain villages became interesting again and a new generation of travelers discovered that their own region could still pleasantly surprise them.

About Framey.IO

Framey is the disruptive travel app that helps users plan their entire travel process, from dreaming to planning, experiencing and sharing. From local destinations to faraway attractions, Framey is able to offer every user the ability to build a reliable travel plan and have great experiences using a single social travel app. For more information and for links on how to download the Framey framework from the App Store or Google Play, please visit


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