Electro-Acoustic Music Now Part of UW’s EARS | Music


“It’s a really cool program, and it attracted the kind of people I had worked with for 25 years in New York as professionals – people who were interested in all kinds of contemporary music,” a- he declared.

“Electro-acoustic music was invented by rock and roll musicians when they plugged in their guitars, and it continued from there,” he said. “In particular, Radiohead is a band that has really worked with this kind of equipment and been very creative with it. When I first came to UW, I thought to myself, “This is an area of ​​research that I want to explore. “

When he spotted the news of the WARF 2020 grant, “I thought to myself, ‘Nothing that we use in this particular musical field is expensive on the order of, say, an electron microscope, because that’s the kind of thing (WARF) is used for fundraising, ”he said.

“I didn’t need anything that cost three-quarters of a million dollars, but I need a ton of pieces of equipment, and they add up to something.”

Before applying for the WARF grant, Grabois began surveying his colleagues in the music department and called on experts from other universities with electroacoustic programs for ideas.

“From all of these people, I made a dream list of what I would like to have here, then I went online and looked at the price of everything, and it came to $ 161,121 – a number that’s etched into my brain, “he said.


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