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Robert Triggs/Android Authority

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Why is it so difficult, Google?

Google Pixel Pass

C. Scott Brown/Android Authority

Speaking of headaches, my colleague C. Scott Brown tried to sign up for Google’s Pixel Pass program over the weekend, a service that offers a Pixel phone and a host of Google services for a reasonable monthly fee. .

  • As an Apple One competitor, Pixel Pass sounds great on paper. But he found the signup process a chore, especially for those already embedded in the Google ecosystem.

Why Pixel Pass is attractive

  • Pixel Pass offers a host of attractive services, from Preferred Care phone repairs to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscriptions, Google One storage and Play Pass.
  • It’s affordable too.
  • Even if you plan to get the cheapest Pixel 6, the service will still save you money.
  • “If you were to buy a 128GB Pixel 6 Pro and subscribe to each service individually with annual payments, it would cost you $1,457.94 over two years. With Pixel Pass, the same plan would cost you $1,320, or a savings of just under $138, according to C. Scott.
  • That’s a huge saving, especially in these tough economic times.

So what is the problem?

  • Well, signing up for the service is unnecessarily complicated.
  • To get a Pixel Pass subscription, you’ll need to cancel your existing YouTube Premium or YouTube Music plans, or subscribe to another service through another company.
  • Family plans are also not offered through Pixel Pass, a major blow for those who currently share their Google services with others.
  • To complicate the water further, there is no need to cancel a Google One subscription if it is less than 200 GB. Google also accepts Play Pass.

Hope for improvements

  • Google’s current Pixel Pass enrollment system favors those not yet up to speed with the company’s ecosystem of services.
  • But arguably, those who already own a Pixel device or use Google services are likely to sign up for Pixel Pass, especially before the debut of the Pixel 7 Pro.
  • Google has the power to fix these relatively minor issues, but it remains to be seen if the company has more in store for potential subscribers.


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