Critical Google Security Alert: Scam or Not?


Received a critical security alert email from Google and not sure if it’s a scam? This may indicate that someone else knows your password or someone else has logged into your account. Whatever the content of the email, if you’re unsure if it’s a scam and want to know what to do, keep reading!

Google Critical Security Alert scam… or not?

It seems that Google recently sent out more critical security alert emails than normal, as many people online reported receiving one. Many people don’t know if these are legitimate emails from Google or phishing emails from scammers.

A critical security alert email from Google. Source

In many cases, if they are scams, they are certainly convincing!

As in the image above, the sender email address is often “[email protected]”. It’s a 100% legitimate email address and a dead giveaway that the email is not a scam. Any email you receive from this email address has been sent by Google.

Have you received a critical Google security alert? Here’s what to do

Step 1 — Check the sender’s email address

Most phishing emails will be sent from bogus, obviously bogus email addresses, often containing lots of random numbers or letters. However, most critical Google security alert emails we’ve seen were sent by [email protected] As mentioned, this email is legit. If the email you received was not sent from this email address or was sent by a suspicious email address, there is a good chance that it is acts a scam.

Step #2 – Do not click any buttons or links

When it comes to creating convincing fake emails, scammers are getting smarter and deceptive day by day, so as a general rule, it is recommended not to click on anything (links or buttons) in a suspicious email.

When you click on a link or a button in a malicious email, there is a high chance that you will be tricked into sending scammers your personal and/or financial data. If they got such information, they could use it to hack into your bank account/social media accounts and commit a number of other crimes including identity theft.

Step #3 – Perform a Google Account Security Check

If a critical security alert email floats through your inbox and you suspect it, do not interact with it. Instead, visit your Google Account security control page by clicking here.

Google Critical Security Alert_Security Check Page_20220907

From this page, you can view any security issues your Google Account may be experiencing. Visiting this page allows you to ignore the potentially malicious email and resolve the issue directly, foiling any potential phishing attempts.

How to detect malicious e-mails with ease!

It’s not always clear if an email is legitimate or not, and one unfortunate click can lead to you unknowingly sharing your personal or financial information with hackers! Is there a simple way to avoid such pitfalls? Of course there are!

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