Clock is the next Google app to get a tablet-sized UI overhaul


Complete with a side navigation bar

You have to hand it to Google: they’ve been focusing on tablets for months now, rolling out Android 12L with all sorts of big-screen improvements before announcing over a dozen app upgrades to I/O last month. Clock is the latest app to get a makeover for larger screens, with a new side navigation panel that looks tailor-made for tablets.

Google’s original design for Clock on tablets looked a lot like phones, just stretched to fill the screen. With this week’s update first spotted by 9to5Google, it finally seems at home on larger screens. The biggest change is the navigation bar, which has been pushed to the left side of the app, maximizing vertical space even on wider 16:9 screens.


Overall, the changes to each individual tab are quite small. Alarms now uses a two-column layout, displaying your sleep schedule and alarms on one page. The Clock tab actually displays a smaller clock than before, pushed into the corner and leaving a ton of empty space in the way. Meanwhile, the timer interface looks almost identical, but larger buttons and numbers make it easier to read. And while the stopwatch screen might look simply rearranged from its original layout, it does make room for a list of laps, which now displays to the left of the clock.

These are all fairly minor improvements, but they go a long way towards making this particular app feel more comfortable on a bigger screen. As always, Google is taking its time rolling out this update through the Play Store, so you may not see it on your tablets just yet. Fortunately, it is not a server-side update – it’s available now in Clock v7.2. If you don’t feel like waiting for the app to come to your device, head over to APK Mirror to grab the APK right now.


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