is a new Google website for Chrome OS developers


If you’re a developer interested in building Chrome OS, you can bookmark Google’s new website, an online resource with technical information, product announcements, sample code, and more.

Google said it created in response to the massive increase in interest in Chromebooks. According to Google, between March and June 2020, Chromebook unit sales increased 127% year over year. It is clear that these devices are becoming increasingly popular due to the growing number of people working and learning from home.

By offering a Tips and Best Practices Hub, Google is giving developers a place to hone their skills. There are resources to adapt your Android apps, games, or web apps for Chrome OS. There’s a page on how to publish an app to Google Play that targets Chromebooks. Do you want to develop on a Chromebook? There is a resource to learn more about Crostini, which enables support for Linux apps on Chrome OS. There are also pages for setting up Android Studio, other IDEs running on Linux, and how to effectively use keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures, and virtual desktops to improve your productivity. Finally, towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find the latest Chrome OS developer news and links to other pages you should keep an eye out for, such as Google’s various social media channels and other websites.

To celebrate the launch of, Google is rolling out updates that Chrome OS developers will find interesting, including Linux terminal changes. You can now customize the appearance of the terminal, open tabs and use keyboard shortcuts. Google also recalls that some Chromebooks can use a full version of the Android emulator and deploy apps directly to Chrome OS, without having to fiddle with other devices or run developer mode.

With Chromebooks becoming more and more popular, it’s great to see Google providing a central place for Chrome OS developers to get information. It’s also a very accessible way for new developers to learn the ins and outs of Chrome OS development.

You can now browse the website. The website is also completely open-source, so it’s a great example of how to build a progressive web app.


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