Best Google Chrome Extensions 2022: Six Useful Tools


Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. Despite the inconvenience of hogging system resources, it’s a very capable platform. And one of its strengths is the abundant ecosystem of extensions. There are thousands of Chrome extensions. If you can imagine it, chances are there’s an extension for it.

There are literally thousands and thousands of extensions.

There’s another catch: you can install so many extensions that you can halt the browser under the weight of system resources that the extensions themselves consume. So, I challenged myself – a shortlist of the seven best Chrome extensions. Really useful extensions that are well supported and do a good job.

Here’s the list I’ve compiled – all of these extensions are free and work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Create and manage passwords


Last pass

LastPass is a Chrome extension that securely stores and tracks information like usernames and passwords to make logging into your accounts faster and easier. It analyzes your current passwords and offers strength and weakness analysis, offering to generate strong passwords for new and current accounts. It also offers two-factor authentication for additional protection against unauthorized access.

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Keep an eye on your tabs



OneTab lets you manage a list of tabs in a single web browser window, which is great for writers and students who need to track dozens of tabs for research. By creating a list of tabbed sites, OneTab claims to save up to 95% of Chrome’s memory, allowing you to browse faster. You can even share your tab list with others via a dedicated button. So if you’re working on a collaborative project, everyone can see the research you’ve done and give feedback.

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One of the most reliable extensions

Adblock Plus - free ad blocker

The grandfather of ad blockers! Downloaded over 500 million times, it is undoubtedly one of the most reliable extensions on the market. And Adblock Plus is packed with features:

  • Block annoying video ads and banners
  • Block pop-ups
  • Stop tracking and give yourself more privacy
  • Fight destructive malicious ads that can lurk in ads
  • Treat yourself to faster browsing (because resources cannot be loaded)
  • Customize features, like whitelist favorite sites
  • Benefit from free and constant assistance
  • Simply give you more control over the experience you want

Quickly save snippets of information

Evernote Web Clipper

Most of the time I keep the tabs open because they contain snippets of information I need. Evernote Web Clipper lets me grab that information, save it somewhere much more sensitive than an open tab, and easily access it when I need it.

Save your desktop or tab

Stunning screen capture and screen recorder

A screenshot tool built directly into Chrome. A fantastic tool for people who want to capture web page content without having to use a separate utility. You can also record the desktop, a tab, or a camera feed. And then you can add narration on top of it. A very useful extension.

Quick access to different time zones


If you ride in different time zones, having clocks in the browser status bar will help you stay on track.

Alternatively, just click the FoxClocks icon next to your address bar for quick access to your clocks, without leaving the current web page.

As a bonus, FoxClocks handles Daylight Savings Time so you don’t have to!

Can extensions affect browser performance?

Yes. The more extensions you have installed, the more overhead you add to your Chrome browser. Chrome is already a bit resource-intensive, and depending on your computer, extensions can make the situation worse.

Can you easily uninstall Google Chrome extensions?

Yes. Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar, press enter and you will get a list of your extensions. Click the button to enable/disable the extension, or click To delete to completely uninstall the extension.

Do extensions work when you’re in incognito mode?

No, but you can enable this feature for an extension. Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and press Enter. Find the extension you want to enable incognito mode and click Details. On the next page, flip the authorize in private navigation mode to fall over.

Note Google’s warning about this:

Warning: Google Chrome cannot prevent extensions from saving your browsing history. To disable this extension in incognito mode, deselect this option.

How to update Google Chrome extensions?

Extensions update automatically, but you can update manually if you wish. Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and press Enter. On the next screen, click the Update button at the top of the screen. Alternatively, to update a single extension, click Details for this extension, then click Update.

Are there any other free Chrome extensions worth checking out?

Here are a few more to consider:

Speed ​​test by Ookla

| Test upload and download speeds

You might be familiar with Ookla’s internet speed test webpage, and now you can add a Chrome extension for faster and easier testing. The extension adds a button to your Chrome toolbar to test ping, download, and one-click upload speed. You can also test to see how fast individual sites load, which is a great tool for web developers who want to test new layouts or page elements.


| Shorten links for social media

Bitly is an ideal Chrome extension for social media marketers and content creators. It creates custom, shortened links for websites, YouTube channels, and even Instagram posts, saving on character limits so you can write better calls-to-action to boost engagement and traffic. It’s also great for anyone who wants to share links in messaging apps without having to copy and paste a wall of text.


| Customize your new tabs

Momentum might not exactly boost your productivity like the other extensions on this list, but it turns boring, blank new tabs into personalized motivational slides. Each new tab will display a motivational quote and inspirational photo along with any to-do lists and website shortcuts you have. You can also set up friendly reminders to help you answer emails and attend meetings or get weather updates at a glance.

dead name remover

| Ease in social transition

This extension is designed for anyone who is going through a social transition and wants to try out a new name. The plugin automatically replaces your old name with your new one in emails, web pages, and browser-based programs so you can experiment with a name without much commitment. A word of warning though: if you’re not ready to let others know you’re trying a new name or making a social transition, this extension will allow others to see your new name in chat chains and some browser-based programs like Roll20.


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