Best Buy is preparing for the imminent release of the Google Pixel 6a


The retailer is unsurprisingly gearing up for the start of sales next month

Source: Google

The Google Pixel 6a was officially unveiled at I/O 2022 last month, although it won’t arrive until late July. Google having shared all the information about the budget version of the Pixel 6 at its annual developer conference, we feel like we know pretty much everything there is to it. Ahead of its availability next month, a landing page for the Pixel 6a is already live on Best Buy’s website.

Although the phone is listed as Coming soonit’s common knowledge at this point that pre-orders for the Pixel 6a will go live on July 21, with outright sales starting a week later, depending on where you live.


So why would you buy your Pixel 6a at Best Buy rather than the Google Store? Well, for starters, retailers like this offer great promotions from time to time. Additionally, customers have the option to choose from multiple carriers, while Best Buy will also sell the unlocked version of the Pixel 6a.

The retailer will offer the mid-ranger in all launch day colors, including Chalk, Charcoal and Sage. Customers can choose to pay $449 outright or opt for Best Buy’s 12-month finance plan at $37.42/month. The company’s website even has a banner set up for the Pixel 6a, which pops up when you search for phrases like “Pixel 6a” or just “Pixel,” like 9to5Google Remarks.

Best Buy should welcome the addition of the Pixel 6a to its shelves with high expectations, given the reasonable and solid sales performance of the Pixel 6. At least that’s what Google saw, when the story was a little different from one operator to another.

Unlike some Pixel phones in the recent past, Google is aiming for the stars with the Pixel 6a. A new Pixel device hasn’t reached several key markets, particularly India, in over two years, so it’s clear that Google has a lot at stake with its latest mid-year Pixel refresh.


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