7 Built-in Google Games to Play When Your Internet Goes Down


There are plenty of things to do with your phone when you don’t have internet. One of them is the game. And no, you don’t have to install these games. This article would highlight 7 built-in Google games to play and kill time when you have no internet.

Built-in Google games to play offline

Google Play Services comes with a number of games already installed on your Android device. To access these pre-installed games, simply open your Google Play Store or Google Games app. Here are some of the built-in Google games you can play when your internet connection goes down.

1. Hot air balloon

hot air balloon

This game is quite easy. You start from the bottom and work your way up while dodging obstacles. Obstacles are random and you have to skilfully move away from them or around them. If you hit an obstacle, you lose. While avoiding obstacles, you must hit as many balls as possible to increase your points! Bonuses in the form of multicolored balls pop up from time to time and make you immune to obstacles.

The Hot Air Balloon game is really basic and black and white. It doesn’t have the best graphics or flow, but it’s a good game to kill time.

2. Lonely


Solitaire is a very popular card game. The goal of Solitaire is to arrange a deck of cards according to their respective suits (hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs) from Ace (lowest) to King (highest) without getting stuck. The game has two levels – easy and hard – and you have to choose before you start. It lets you undo moves and is also a fun game to play if you like card games.

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3. Snake

snake game

Snake Game is a very simple and easy to play game that has been a general favorite for decades. The object of the game is to feed the snake as much as you can without hitting any of the limits. As your snake eats more fruits or items, your points increase and the snake gets longer. Make sure you don’t let the snake bite itself or you lose!


4. Tourbillon

whirling bird

The Whirlybird game is very similar to the hot air balloon game. In this game, however, you have to tilt your phone to make sure you land on the ledges as the whirlwind bounces around. There are boosters that propel you upwards at rapid speeds, and your scores increase as you advance.

5. Minesweeper


Minesweeper is a very tricky puzzle game. The game features a rectangular board of square tiles, and under some of these tiles are mines. If you open a tile with a mine, you lose the game! When you open a safe tile, it gives you a number that allows you to guess the pattern and win the game.

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6. Pacman


Pac-Man is a famous game, and you’ve probably heard of it. In this game Pac-Man character is stuck in a maze and you have to eat as many pellets as you can while being chased by ghosts. When you eat the large pellets, the power pellets, you become immune to ghosts and can even eat them for points.

7. Hopmania


HopMania is a fairly simple game about jumping, as the name suggests. When you start the game, there are two avatars to choose from, a frog and a chicken. The object of the game is to jump as long as possible without hitting any obstacles. And, as you progress, the pace of the game increases and more obstacles will get in your way.

Play without Internet

Apart from these games, there are other games to play on your phone without an internet connection. On your Google Play Store, you can play hundreds of offline games when your internet connection is down. Download them and you’re good to go whenever you have a faulty internet connection!

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