3rd Google Product Reviews Update, Spring Update, Google Data That May Surprise You, Google Ads Updates, UI Testing and More


It’s been quite a busy week, we’ve had the third Google Product Reviews update and I’m going deeper into this algorithm update. We saw what I called a Spring 2022 Google Search Update, Google didn’t confirm it and it wasn’t related to the Product Reviews Update. Google has released data on how search has improved, how much it’s testing, how much they’ve experimented with, and how searchers are changing the way they search. Google Maps has published a lot of data on its protection and fight against spam and fraud. Google has sought to give sites a green boost, but has yet to do so. Google said if you can redirect old 404ed pages to get its old link value. Google said machine learning and AI-generated content were still not of sufficient quality for search. Google said it was not enough to leave redirects in place for just 3 months. Google said pricing is not a ranking factor, again. Google has further explained why it doesn’t crawl and index everything. Google’s Gary Illyes, Martin Split, and Lizzi Sassman talked about de-SEOing. Version 2.0 of Google Ads Editor is available with maximum performance support. Google has launched the new Google Partners Directory. Google has suspended ads that exploit, reject or condone the Russian-Ukrainian war. Google Business Profiles has added emergency assistance attributes for Ukrainian refugees. Google search is testing appointments and booking at healthcare providers. Microsoft Advertising has significantly updated its reporting features. Google Search is testing a gray search box that in dark mode looks awful. Google search offers discount codes in the shopping pack. Google Ads is testing new icon ad extensions. Google is testing a lower price tag in shopping results. Microsoft Bing is testing “on this page” jumping to links for its search results page. With Google Analytics 4, be sure to run the GA4 and Universal Analytics UA tracking codes in parallel. Google Merchant Center is now a linking product in Google Analytics 4. And if you’d like to help sponsor these vlogs, head over to patreon.com/barryschwartz. It was the news of search this week during the roundtable on search engines.

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