15 Google Chrome Settings You Should Change Immediately


Usually, when you open a webpage, it’s because you want to read the article or content on that page, not because you want to watch the advertisement or other prompts that might appear. Accessing the information you want sometimes means navigating through a veritable minefield of ads and pop-ups blocking the content you’re actually looking for.

Some browsers have a built-in reader view, which removes any extra distractions or clutter and reduces the page to a more consuming version of the content. Chrome, however, doesn’t have this option unless you know where to look.

Chrome flags are a set of experimental features that carry all the potential risks and benefits inherent in untested and unverified features. They may not work properly and may otherwise alter your browser experience. Use at your own risk.

Among the list of experimental features is a reader mode that reduces any page to essential text and images.

To access the flags, you will need to enter chrome://flags in the search bar, or simply click here. From there, you’ll find a list of experimental features. Find the one called Enable Reader Mode and click Enabled in the associated drop-down menu. Once you refresh Chrome, you’ll see an icon that looks like a book page in the search bar. Clicking it produces a scaled-down version of any page, minus the bells and whistles.


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