10 reasons to stop using Google Chrome


Just because it’s the most used doesn’t mean it’s the best. Various factors have contributed to Chrome’s success in the market. And while credit should be given to some features that helped sell the browser to users, it’s far from the most impressive when it comes to performance and stability. In fact, some Chrome users might even grudgingly admit that they are forced to use the browser for this or that feature, despite having had many heartaches and headaches over browser performance.

The internet is full of anecdotes about Chrome’s insatiable thirst for RAM and battery. At a time when people have become more reliant on laptops with relatively limited hardware resources as well as the web for work, study, or play, a voracious web browser is probably the last thing they need. In fact, the last thing they need is for Chrome to crash because it’s running out of memory or, worse, a bug in an extension.

To be fair, Google has worked hard to improve Chrome’s performance and reduce its footprint, primarily by limiting the amount of JavaScript running in the background. At the same time, it can sometimes lead to suboptimal user experiences, which Google also tries to avoid. This still implies that Chrome is a huge beast by default, which needs to be tamed and put on a diet.


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