10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets


Google Sheets is one of the biggest online spreadsheet apps. It went beyond just creating tables and functions. Users can use Google Sheets to organize, edit, and analyze data. However, you may reach a point where you need more tools added.

Google Sheets add-ons are extensions that give your spreadsheets greater functionality. This article will review our top picks for the best Google Sheets add-ons.

Coupler.io has a Google Sheets integration that allows you to auto import data of the chosen program in a spreadsheet. It syncs your in-app data with Google Sheets, bringing new data into a working page on a schedule without coding knowledge.

Data management of each application can become difficult and unproductive when you follow many projects, review your employees’ working hours, and manage an e-commerce site. With the Coupler.io add-on, you won’t have to move between these apps all the time to check the latest stats. You can schedule the automation to retrieve data at predetermined times.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

When work on big projects, it is necessary to divide the process into individual tasks. Lucidchart simplifies a product launch timeline or other comparable companies into simple diagrams. If you are currently using Lucidchart, the company’s Google Sheets add-on, will automatically import all of your existing charts into the spreadsheet.

You can see the product launch schedule, marketing campaign or complete workflow. This add-on eliminates the inconvenience of switching between Google Sheets and Lucidecharts.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

AppSheet allows you to make a mobile app from your Google Sheets data. Users can link their data through Google Sheets and create a fully functional mobile app in minutes with this no-code app builder platform.

You can customize your app according to your brand. This is the best way to distribute an internal application to team members or workers.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

Autocrat is a great Google Sheets add-on for reports. Perhaps you are working on a spreadsheet with the names and grades of employees in each area for this year, and you want to produce a personalized document for each employee.

Manually creating each document in Google Docs takes a lot of time. The Autocrat add-on for Google Sheets will take over requested information from the spreadsheet and turn it into a custom PDF or Google Doc.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

Retool allows creating dashboards, admin panels and utilities simply by using data from Google Sheets. It also allows you to create user interfaces easily on top of spreadsheet data. You can import data from a Google spreadsheet and make API requests for each row.

You can also use Google Sheets to fill in a blank template template with data from your database. Retool can clone individual sheets and append data to existing sheets.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

Text2data is a text analysis service which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses analyze various social media platforms. Employees can use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to analyze sentiment and create bespoke reports for keywords or entities.

This does not require any programming experience and can be used to monitor social media accounts in real time.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets


Stacker transforms your data into a working application by use your data and organization for design apps that will help your business grow without any coding knowledge. You can also choose an appropriate layout before sorting and displaying your data as you wish. Create forms for new entries, pages to edit current documents, and buttons to automate common actions using Stacker.

You can also share your data with different groups of people by inviting them to join your Stacker app. Additionally, you can provide your external customers and partners with branded site access to their data with bespoke features.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

When your product, brand or marketing relies on effective email campaignsyou’ll need a solution to send personalized emails to every contact on your list while monitoring whether recipients open, reply to, or unsubscribe from your emails.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

Siteoly is a powerful no-code website builder for Google Sheets that lets you build data-driven websites without writing code. It pays more attention to design than other online form builders, giving you plenty of styles and templates to display your data. You can access over 100 alternative versions of websites with a single Google sheet.

This saves time for both your developer and your designer. Siteoly is suitable for a start-up entrepreneur with minimal expertise in any field that needs to start.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

Awesome Table is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to transform your spreadsheet data in shine, complex web formats and visualizations. It also lets you present your data in classic maps, charts, directories, and tables on Google websites and other web platforms, even if you don’t have any coding skills.

You can build the visualization by selecting the Google spreadsheet or data source you want to present. To further customize your app design, you can use JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Once the graphic is complete, you can embed it on your website or intranet.

10 essential add-ons for Google Sheets

Improve youryour Google Sheets experience

Depending on their roles, different add-ons offer different features and tools. So choose the one that suits your needs and use Google Sheets add-ons to boost productivity. With easy sharing and developer support, Google Sheets can be the perfect tool for marketing, analytics, and collaboration.


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